Warning, if you use mps2369 transistors as Q1 and Q2. Position of transistors on PCB is wrong marked, turn it 180 degrees.
q1q2 (2143 kB)
Video pinout Minidin 8 to scart plug
cableminidin (31 kB)

1 GND to pin 5,8,9,13,17,18
2 N/c
3. RGB switch to pin 16 scart
4. G to pin 11 scart
5. N/c
6. R to pin 15 scart
7. B to pin 7 scart
8. SYNC to pin 20 scart


plyta montazowa (249 kB) Just Speccy 128k iss3 BOM
Ay 3-8912
PCF 1306p or my replacement
U3 74s04 (included with PCB)
U5 74ls240
U13 74ls32
Hal- Gal 16v8 (programmed ic)
u6 74ls174
u7 74ls04
u8 74ls157
U17 and u 14 is fitted on board
U4 lm 2596 5v
U9,U10,U28,U29,U30,U31,U32,U33 and U20-U27 memory KM4164b-15
ROM (orginal rom from ZX128 or AT27c256 replacement
U15 LM 1117 3.3 v LDO http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/lm1117imp-3.3/stabilizatory-napiecia-nieregulowane-ldo/texas-instruments/lm1117imp-33nopb/#t863e719a71e2ade14266bee3fcfe180e
U19 74ls123 or 74HCT123
U18 at28c64b programmed ESXDOS MMC version, is in firmware on bottom page
u16 as6c4008 (512k SRAM 5 volt)
R 24 15R 0.5w
R 22 2k2
R8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,37,36,3,2,38,31,19,7,16,17,18,30 470R
R35 330 R
R44 220k
R39,34,32,26, 1k
R41,42,43,28,50,51,52,66,29,28,67,61,62,27 10k
R33,53,54,r58 180R
R40 8k2
R1 and r59 8x 8.2k resistor pack
R5 0r, put a piece of wire
R4,R25 680R
R45,46,47,48,49,55,56,57 68R
R60,63,64,65,20,21,22,23,6 4k7
c24,25 100 pf
c28,,21 10 nf
c29,c12 20-22 pf
c46-47 22uF
c 40 680 Uf
C41 220 Uf
C 27 1Uf
c26 180 pf
c14,c19 not fitted or 220 Uf
Other caps 100NF
Q1,Q2 ztx313 or MPS2369
Q5,Q6 bc547
D20 1N5822
D19 BRIDGE http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/2w08g/mostki-jednofazowe-diodowe-okragle/vishay/#t988a4ace21cc351e444dc40c2bfbc84b
Other diodes 1n4148
Crystal 17.734 mhz

Minidin 8 http://fr.farnell.com/lumberg/tm-0508-a-8/fiche-fem-mini-din-mtge-chassis/dp/1200114

SD card http://fr.farnell.com/multicomp/sdc10915w0t1/connect-carte-memoire-capot-metal/dp/9186166

coil 68 uh http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/de1207-68/dlawiki-smd-mocy/ferrocore/#t0a513eb7bbabbe57c73e2222fc2cf7ea

Jack stereo 2 pieces http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/fc68133/zlacza-jack/cliff/jy039-5p-fc68133/#tdac3ca872abe30070a913cd90258e7ab

DC power http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/fc68148/zlacza-dc/cliff/#t4df844a1f342405a17128f9bcd61dec4

DB9 joystick port http://fr.farnell.com/te-connectivity-amp/3-1634580-2/sub-d-male-9-voies/dp/8391327?ost=839-1327

J7 not used
J8 NMI button for divSD menu, tactile switch ?http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/tacta-68n-f/mikroprzelaczniki-tact-pcb/ninigi/#t0e1139b5ef1511b19cba33af467b1090
J6 Disable/enable internial divSD
Photos from soldering